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Own one of the Chicken City Franchise Opportunities

Franchisees are required to enter a Legal Contract with the Franchise Owner for a minimum period of 10 (ten) years. This agreement determines the contractual rights and obligations of the parties so as to ensure the continuing market success of the CHICKEN CITY concept.

Some main points of the Franchise Agreement are as follow:

  • The Franchise Agreement is for an initial period of 10 (ten) years with an option to renew for a further 10 (ten) years. Should the Franchise Agreement not be renewed, or be terminated, for any reason, the Franchisee will have no further rights to continue operating or trading under the CHICKEN CITY Trademark or as a chicken based fast food business in the premises in which he traded as a CHICKEN CITY Franchisee.
  • An initial Franchise Fee of R50 000 (exclusive of vat) is payable on signature of the Franchise Agreement. This fee is set off against our costs of assisting you in letting up and running as smoothly as possible e.g. the staff and travelling costs of our Corporate Staff who will be involved in the initial training of the Franchisee and his staff.
  • A Franchise Fee of 5% of turnover (inclusive of vat) is contractually payable on a weekly basis by the Franchisee to the Franchisor. The Fee consists of 4% Franchise Fee and a 1% Advertising Levy – the Advertising Levy accrues to a registered Fund which is used exclusively to advertise, promote and enhance the CHICKEN CITY Consumer Franchise. Our Corporate office will furnish the Franchisee with a monthly tax invoice to enable the Franchisee to claim the vat paid on the weekly Franchise Fee as an input cost.
  • The Franchisor determines all ranging and pricing which are obligatory.
  • The product range, retail pricing, image, décor, staff attire, signage and advertising will be determined and controlled by the Franchisor – adherence by the Franchisee is obligatory.
  • It is the contractual obligation of the Franchisee to purchase all equipment and ingredients exclusively from suppliers approved by the Franchisor – this is essential to ensure the brands uniform high standards and quality and to optimise the buying power of the whole group – to enable the group to fulfil our promise to the consumer of BIG VALUE BIG TASTE.
  • Failure by the Franchisee to adhere to the requirements of the Franchise Agreement may result in termination of the Agreement. In such instance, the Franchisor shall be entitled, in terms of the Franchise Agreement, to impose any or all restrictions on the Franchisee as provided for within the Franchise Agreement.
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