Ideal Franchisee

The Franchisee will be trained by our very experienced staff although the Franchisor prefer that a future Franchisee be:

  • An owner/operator – meaning Franchisee must be prepared to operate the business personally, at all levels.
  • Ability to commit adequate personal funds or raise the necessary capital.
  • Have a affinity for the food industry.
  • Be motivated and determined to achieve their own success.
  • Be outgoing and genuinely enjoy being with people.
  • Processes a willingness to learn all aspects of the operation, including food preperation, customer and staff relations, local marketing, administrative and basic financial skills.
  • Food experience is an advantage but not a necessity. We will provide the Franchisee with full training.
  • Be willing and able to make a valueble contribution to the growth of the Chicken City Franchise.

Salient features and conditions of the franchise contract:

  • Contract Term – 10 Years
  • Renewal Clause – Option to renew for a further 10 years.
  • Termination Clause – A written notice of termination of not less than 6 months prior to the renewal of the “commencement date”.
  • Trademark Usage – Trademarks are the exclusive property of the Franchisor and can only be used if the Franchise Contract is in Force.
  • Area Location Rights – Deposit of R 10 000 will secure a area for 90 days.
  • Trading Hours – This will be determined by the Franchisor.
  • Decor & Layout – All the outlets distinctive style and layout will be determined by the Franchisor.
  • Suppliers – The sources will be nominated by the Franchisor in writing which will ensure consistent quality.
  • Assignments of Rights – The Franchisee may not relinquish control to any other person without the consent of the Franchisor.
  • Operations Manual – Will be handed to the Franchisee only if the Franchise Agreement is signed by both parties.

The above mentioned is not an exhaustive summary of the contract and should therefore only be used as a quick reference guide.

Should you wish to apply for a Chicken City Franchise, please proceed as follow:

  • Decide on the Trading Structure (private company, closed corporation) and its name which you purpose to use as the vehicle to enter into the Franchise Agreement with us.
  • Determine the Shareholders of the Franchisee and the percentage of the shares each will hold. Please note that it is a requirement of the Franchisor that a single Shareholder hold a clear majority of the shares (51%+). The Franchisor will deem the majority Shareholder as the “Person in Control” and hence authorized to act on behalf of all the Shareholders in all matter pertaining to the finalization of, and compliance with, the Franchise Agreement.
  • Contact us to obtain your “Franchise Application Pack” (contact persons and numbers are attached). Complete carefully all the information detailed in the pack an return promptly to our address.
  • Following evaluation of your completed “Franchise Application Pack” you’ll be contacted by our relevant Regional Director who will convene an interview with all the prospective shareholders. Please be advised that we will evaluate all important issues very closely, e.g the Shareholders financial position, abilities, commitment and potential to exploit fully and envisage “trading zone” (e.g the geographical area that has the market potential to provide for a well run profitable Franchise within the realistic and practical service capacity of a single outlet.
  • Once approved as a potential Franchisee you will be required to sign a “Location Grant of Franchise” Agreement and pay a deposit of R 10 000 (20% of initial Franchise Fee) to secure a sole right, for a period not exceeding 90 days, to investigate and locate within a given area (exact boundaries will be provided by the Franchisor). Should you fail to obtain a site which is acceptable to the Franchisor within 90 days, your deposit will be refunded and your Location Grant lapses. Your deposit will be forfeited to the Franchisor if you discontinue the establishment of your Franchise store once the Franchisor has approved your site.
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