Training & Support

We provide the following training and support:

  • Site Selection – The correct location is important for the success of an outlet and the required premises has to be approved by the Franchisor.
  • Store Design and Kitchen Layout – Will only be done by Designers appointed by the Franchisor and according to requirements approved by the Franchisor.
  • Assistance with obtaining Finance – The Franchisor do not provide any funding towards the setup of a Chicken City Store.
  • Opening Staff Support Team
  • Staff and Management Training
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Group Marketing
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Store Visits
  • Ongoing Training

Group Supplier Negotiations:

We negotiate continuously, on a national basis, with all suppliers of equipment and raw marerials. By using our bulk purchasing power, created by the mandatory compliance of our Franchisees, se secure the most favourable input costs to support our consumer proposition of Big Taste Big Value

Pierre Olivier - 072 110 9939
Ivan Rossouw - 072 811 7155

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